Lee Thomas Thomas

Profile Updated: March 5, 2018
Residing In: Owens Cross Roads, AL USA
Spouse/Partner: Beth
Occupation: Project Manager, TVA
Children: Ann Marie Thomas, Born 2004
Katie Thomas, Born 1999
Kristen Thomas, Borm 1997
Ashley Thomas, More…Born 1986
Lee Thomas, Born 1984
Military Service: NAVY  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Joined Navy as Navy Nuclear Operator
Traveled and Saw much of the world
Married had two children
Completed BS degree at FIU remotely with New York State University
Got out of Navy and moved to Miami. Worked FPL and house destroyed Hurrican Andrew
Got and still involved with Soccer as player, Coach, and Referee
Moved to Tennessee TVA
Re-Married to Love of my life
Enjoy Family Stuff, Soccer, and Running (and the Saints)

School Story:

Spring Training for Football 9th grade but I moved to Tennessee. Ran Track ( miler) 11th and 12th Grade.

Girl I didnt like through high school was person I hung out with night we graduated.

Had many great memories playing soccer with people like Mile Poletti, Andre Delanio, Mike Rosetti, Zeke Bulloch, Tim Riles, John Gagliano, Mike Schooley, Chris Baldwin, Joey Williams, Delanio Gray, David Lingle, many more.

Ray and Steve Kaminski and I used to swim (walk) to deer island.
Danny Litland, Mark Rubel, Chris Baldwin, and I went to a few concerts together ( Eagles, Heart, Journey, etc)

Ran track with many including a few no longer with us like legget and coleman.

Hockey Game when USA beat Germany ( 1980) was spent near East Beach at Robie Mcfadens house. Was a memory will never gorget.

Went on a trip with St Alphonsies to Dauphin Island. Couple of Guys saw Linda Williams and followed us back to ocean springs. Had altercation and guys went back to mobile.

Hurricane Fred was a party and a big mess. We all worked together to clean up, at the food in the freezers, and drank lots of adult beverages ( underaged)
Mike Jenkins ran Mardis Gras marathon and I missed it cause I had to work at golden corral. So awesome of Mike!

My sister Leann worked at the Pizza hut. She used to bring Pizza home for us when she came home at nught.

Sail boat on loan from Kaminski’s overturned in squall near cow island. Came back to recover and was on fire. Shrimpers had caught it in net and burning it.

Rescued by coast guard one night. went sailing with Kaminski’s and Collen. Great and beautiful night until center board broke. Wind from the north. couldn’t tack to shore. We tied off to a buoy near Biloxi harbor. Rescued and lectured by parents later.

Bon Fires somewhere out behind the hospital towards vancleve.

Dated a girl whose father made me take a drivers test before he would let me take daughter (Lorie) out. Funny thing I did the same thing to a kid 20 years later. He was not happy. Years later, told Lorrie about this and she thought this was funny. Lorrie, hope all is well with you.

Remember a trip to ship island where I learned that true friend ship was when someone turned you over after a few hours so you wouldn’t get sun burned because you weren’t conscious enough to do yourself.

Coach Ward has a restuarant? Had him as a Teacher in High School. After High School, see him a Kwitsky’s all the time when I am in town.

Remember a party at Jimmy Svitzer’s when a police car had the back seat window kicked out.

Ran Mile run at a track meet in Pascagoula and broke 5 minutes. Ran first marathon 25 years later.

Was in math class with Mrs Mrs Manning and wasnt happy. 15 year later I was teaching an Algebra class that was credited with FIU. Mrs manning would be proud.

Someone at a basket ball game thought that the guy in the darth vader costume was me and harassed him. turned out I never showed as I said I would and the person behind the mask was the school superintendent.

Many a friday and Saturday night cruising Front beach and hoped to find a girl to end up at east beach or another private place. Tried and failed many a time.

Gumbo made by my dad was loved by friends like John Mcginley. I didnt like it. My dad has passed away and I would pay anything just to have one cup.
Mom had two jobs to take care of us kids. Never appreciated her sacrifice until later in life. She always made po boys for us kids on Saturdays. Was a tradition.

Remember one of our PE coaches buying street hockey equipment. First day used resulted in , I think John pardue, getting a cut to the head from a hockey stick. Hockey never played again at the school.

So much cool 80's music. Need I say more!

Many pretty girls in puffy hair (no names because am married). That hair has actually came back in style once or twice since then.

Anyone remember the two guys picked up by UFO's at Ingalls?

A few nights at the arcade between ocean springs and Gautier with Joey Williams, Chris Baldwin, and others.

Riding down the streets in a car screaming" go Hounds" after a pep ralley.

Biloxi Bacon....(mullet Gizards).

master Grill...yes I worked there for a little while. It is gone now.

Some great movies at Springs Cinema.

Fishing and crabbing on the fishing bridge between OS and Biloxi.
Throwing a net, crabbing, and watching the girls on front beach from the community pier.

Little brothers base ball team and soccer team. I helped coach. Great memories. Some of these kids have kids of their own...Nick Thomas, Marcus Thomas, Jason Rector etc.

Jumping off the bridge off of not yet complete I-10 on senior skip day. Great friends and fun!

Used to swim near where present day "the Shed " is. wow. Aligators prowl those waters!

My mom worked for our class presidents dad at ocean springs hospital. My Mom enjoyed working there. My daughter works there now as a manager.
Broomes grocery....what a great hometown store. Crawfish awesome!
Working out at the YMCA for free and checking around fearson optics for magnifying glasses they may have thrown away.
Running east and front beach during the summer during a light rain. Met a girl one summer night that I fell for. She was a few years younger than me and never knew how I felt about her. Couldn’t stop thinking about her. However, my Family didn’t have much money and I felt like that might make a difference to her. Spoke with each other and visited over a few months but it all ended around prom ( might have been homecoming cant remember the exact dance) . There was a school dance and I Felt bad that I didn’t ask her to go because I didn’t think I could come up with the money. I never explained this to her. Wish I would have. A family friend of hers let me know how bad of a person I was a night the next morning while I worked at master grill around 0600 ( I worked from 11:00 at night till 7:00 in the mornings Friday and Saturday to get money for clothes and other stuff my mom couldn’t afford). I felt even lower than dirt after that. At the time, her not talking to me again was well deserved. Is another time that I wish I would have asked her anyway regardless of the fact at the time I didn’t think we could afford it. Now, after having a few daughters, that one way or another going to prom probably could have been worked out with her family and or mine. Since then, She went her way I went mine. Very proud of my 18 year old daughter Katie recently. There was a dance at school and she asked a boy to go that had not been to any dances in high school ( was his senior year also). We made sure there was enough money to make it happen!

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